Harper Collins £5.99stg

Faith and Peter have been married for fifteen years, which is a minor feat in itself in this day and age. Faith arranges an anniversary party; they have a lot to celebrate. Or do they?

Faith is 34 years old, a mum and a minor celebrity, maintaining a daily 'weather girl' slot on a local television station. She sees her life as perfect in every way. She has a successful husband, two slightly quirky, but loveable teenagers and a dog. Peter, Faith's solid dependable husband, has been slightly harassed of late due to work, spending a lot less time focusing on his wife and family. At their anniversary party Lily, Faith's best friend, opens a can of worms with an innocent remark about Peter, and alarm bells start ringing. Before long Faith's blissfully ideal world is turned upside down and she has two choices to make… will she crumble or survive?

The title - 'Out of the Blue' - describes the plot pretty well: two perfectly happy people suddenly have their lives thrown into turmoil. Everything they hold dear, safe and comfortable somehow becomes unfamiliar, frightening and intimidating. Isabel Wolff takes an ordinary housewife/mum and throws every single quandary a grown woman could ever have to face in her path. It's an enjoyable read; women everywhere can identify with Faith's predicament, and perhaps have a bit of a chuckle at themselves in the process.

Charley Maine