The Harville Press - £10.00 stg

A flirtatious fable of fabulous food, Les Liaisons Culinaires is every foodie's dream. The slight tale is little more than a framework on which Greek author Andreas Staïkos hangs evocative and sensuous descriptions of food, the recipes for which are presented at the end of each short chapter.

Dimitris and Damocles, two men with a passionate appreciation for good cooking, live next door to each other in the same block of flats and gradually realise that they also share a passion for the same woman - the capricious and whimsical Nana. With a weakness for high-heeled, peep-toed mules, she takes great pleasure in tormenting her lovers, stimulating them to ever higher culinary pinnacles as they duel each other for her favours and the privilege of slipping their creations between her cherry-red lips.

Contrary to popular belief, the stomach is actually the way to a woman's heart, especially if she is anything like the shamelessly demanding Nana who is more in love with the game of love than with the players. Simply and beautifully written, with mouthwatering descriptions of classical Greek dishes such as Sea-Urchin Salad, Kolliva and Moussaka, Les Liaisons Culinaires is a tasty treat.

Caroline Hennessy