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Switters is a walking contradiction; he is a CIA agent who hates the American Government, a pacifist who carries a gun and a vegetarian who loves gravy. Obsessed with innocence, the latest object of his affection is his 16-year-old stepsister whom he aches to deflower.

Surrounded by eccentrics (his grandmother insists on being called Maestro) is it any wonder Switters is somewhat complicated to understand. Citing Finegan’s Wake as the most influential book of our time, (even though he only read as far as page five), he takes us on a bizarre journey spanning four continents starting in the Amazon, where he meets an Indian called End of Time and finally ending up in the Syrian Desert with a breakaway group of nuns who yearn to tell the world to use contraceptives.

Robbins grabs your attention with his far from normal hero and uses his incredible writing talent to shock, challenge and mock virtually every major aspect of our society. His seventh book to date, Fierce Invalids is complicated, confusing yet riveting - another irresistible read.

Charley Maine