Kogan Page £6.99

The Incredibly Indispensable Web Directory is a good concept in principle, the idea is that it lists every useful Irish website and combats the problems currently encountered with search engines. With over 6,000 websites listed and divided into categories it sounds really simple. Unfortunately however the Web Directory managed to confuse this web user greatly.

All the sites are divided into categories and if it wasn’t for the extensive a-z index at the back of the book I would have been well and truly lost. The categories are not comprehensive enough, trying to find a newspaper is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Forgive me but 'Museums, Libraries and Information' is not the category I would have filed them under. Also the editor seems to have been very selective as to which websites are in fact 'Indispensable' and there are some glaring omissions amongst which is the very comprehensive RTE sports site. One other thing confused me greatly - if this is the ultimate 'web' directory, why couldn't I find it anywhere online?

Charley Maine