Poolbeg (£6.99)

'A Taste For It' is the story of talented chef Maura Carmody who travels to Ireland to promote her brother’s wine and Australian food. This business trip also provides the ideal opportunity to research her family roots and find out a little more about the birth mother that she never met. All is not plain sailing, however, as Maura gets caught up in a series of mix-ups and misfortunes, which threaten to undermine the business she is trying to do in Ireland. To add to her predicament, there's also the tall, dark, handsome and seemingly unpredictable Dominic who appears destined to dog her footsteps for some strange reason.

A courageous, sassy, redheaded heroine whose habit of muttering to herself lands her in several embarrassing situations, Maura is a very likeable character, albeit with a blindness towards a particular man on occasion! Her job gives author Monica McInerney the opportunity to run through a few cookery demonstrations, go to town on descriptions of unusual, but delicious-sounding, food and wax lyrical about wine and Guinness. This is a fun frolic of a book with enough descriptions of the Australian lifestyle and scenery to make you believe, even in the depths of another miserable Irish winter, that there is a place somewhere out there that is sunshine-soaked and warm!

Caroline Hennessy