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For over 30 years 'Sunday Miscellany' has entertained listeners to RTÉ Radio One offering them a uniquely personal perspective on life. From the well-known contributor to the first time writer, the programme offers a forum for everyone. Now with 'Sunday Miscellany: A selection from 1995-2000' the listener can hold forever the fleeting words heard on a Sunday morning radio show - a personal story, a humorous anecdote even a forgotten piece of Irish history. As the title suggests the book presents just a selection of the most memorable work broadcast on the programme over the past five years. From familiar names such as Cyril Kelly and Frances Donoghue to some less well-known names, there is something here for everyone.

Divided into six sections, 'Sunday Miscellany' offers essay-length stories highlighting a sense of occasion, place, humour, presence, pathos or a sense of the past. From childhood remembrances to a slice of local history – did you know that the first female pilot was from Newcastle West in County Limerick? or that the founder of the worldwide organization the RSPCA was from Dangan in County Galway? – the sheer variety of content means something is guaranteed to catch the attention of even the most hard to please reader.

Editor Marie Heaney is keen to stress that the stories chosen were used because they worked as writing rather than as radio, which meant that some pieces, even though they made memorable radio, were not included in the book. The collection also gives a short biography of each of the contributors providing further insight into the essays. 'Sunday Miscellany' is a lively and interesting book in bite sized pieces so now you can never use the excuse that you don’t have time to read again!

Joanne Ahern