Kiefer Sutherland has revealed he does not own a computer because the idea of having hundreds of emails building up in his inbox did not appeal.

The actor, 55, famous for roles like counter-terrorism agent Jack Bauer in action TV series 24 and films like Stand by Me, The Lost Boys and Young Guns, said he made the decision when a business partner turned him down for after-work drinks because he had too many emails to answer.

He told the Radio Times: "I'm maybe the last person that doesn’t own a computer… I had a small record label with a guy named Jude Cole.

"After work I’d say, "You want to get a drink?" and he’d be like, "Oh, man, I’ve got 100 emails to answer."

"Once I heard that, I never wanted a computer. Studios hire someone to print the script and get it to me."

Sutherland, the son of actors Donald Sutherland and Shirley Douglas, played Bauer for eight series of the hit show and returned to the role for a 2014 reboot after four years off, for a 12-episode series called 24: Live Another Day.

24 earned him a string of nominations and a Golden Globe and Emmy award, and a television film, titled 24: Redemption aired in 2008.

He has also appeared in other series like Touch, Designated Survivor and will also be seen in upcoming TV series The First Lady, where he plays former American president Franklin D Roosevelt.

Asked what happens if he is watching TV and one of his films or shows comes on-screen, he said: "It depends. If it’s the last series of 24, I can’t find the control fast enough. But Stand by Me (Rob Reiner’s 1986 film) is like finding an old yearbook, so I’ll leave it on."

Of 24 he said: "It’s still too close – I don’t even have mirrors in my house.

"I could give a fine performance in a film but by the time I’ve watched it and done all the self-loathing, I’ve ruined it for myself."

The actor has also enjoyed a successful music career, having released an album of authentic blues and country in 2016, with his most recent album titled Bloor Street, released earlier this year.

Source: Press Association