It was one of the breakout TV drama hits of the year - a whodunit that kept everyone guessing to the very end and now the cast of Smother are promising even more twists and turns for season two.

Shot on the rugged coast of Co. Clare, the thriller centred on dark goings on with the Ahern family and the mysterious clifftop death of fall guy daddy Denis.

The show features a strong female cast, with Dervla Kirwan as family matriarch Val, and daughters Gemma-Leah Devereux, Niamh Walsh, and Seána Kerslake.

Gemma-Leah Devereux as Anna

Speaking at the launch of RTÉ's new Autumn schedule, Seána, who plays Grace on the show, said there is a lot more in store when the show returns.

"If you thought there was drama and confusion in season one, there’s going to be even more this time round for sure."

Her co-star Gemma-Leah, who plays Anna, added, "I think the arrival of Denis’s estranged son and whether he is who he says he is, and the Ahern sisters, well . . so there are a lot of twists and turns from the get-go."

"I think it's fantastic that there’s more and more female parts out there and that was one of the main things I love about Smother." - Gemma-Leah

Speaking about the breakout success of the show, Seána said, "When you’re filming, you try not to think, `oh god how is this going to be received?’ but you can’t help but feel that and when it was released, I got the feedback, and I was delighted that people were tuning in. I couldn’t get over the response to the show."

Filming for the first series of Smother was delayed by the pandemic, not to mention the windy West, forcing breaks in production but for the second series the cast and crew had plainer sailing.

"But it's the west of Ireland. What can you expect - lovely showers and fresh air!"

In between scenes, Gemma-Leah and Seána, who have known each other for years, were able to enjoy sea swims and walks with Gemma-Leah’s dog, Molly - that's when they weren’t battling the elements, which whipped up some ferocious conditions during filming on series one.

"They’d come over and fix your hair and the next minute it would be a mess again!" laughs Gemma-Leah. "The first few weeks of making the first season pre-lockdown was just insane.

The Lahinch mob are back

"It was actually quite depressing because you’d get up early in the morning and work all day and it would be dark, pelting rain and freezing and then you’d go home and get up and do it again. But it’s the West of Ireland. What can you expect - lovely showers and fresh air!?"

Smother is very much a female-led show and both actresses are very happy to see strong female roles increasingly coming to the fore in TV drama.

"About time!" says Gemma-Leah. "I think it’s fantastic that there’s more and more female parts out there and that was one of the main things I love about Smother that it is such a female-led drama with strong women showing all the aspects of that. It’s fantastic that it’s happening and it’s happening more and more."

Seána adds, "It’s nice to portray complex women. They’re not always perfect and it’s just the same with their male counterparts. The whole responsibility of playing strong women is helped by the fact that we are all strong women.

"It’s nice to see that reflected on the screen, not just in Smother but across the board. And that’s not say we don’t appreciate the amazing men that we have in the cast and crew. It is great fun to play these roles. You get to portray the not nice sides of characters."