A new boy is set to enter the Love Island villa and will choose two girls to take out on a date.

In scenes that will air on Thursday night, Kaz Kamwi will find out a new arrival is taking her for a romantic meeting.

It comes shortly after the arrival of another new contestant, Andrea-Jane Bunker, known as AJ.

Andrea-Jane Bunker

The hair extension technician, 28, from Hertfordshire, will spend time getting to know the boys ahead of selecting who to couple up with on the show.

Speaking to Hugo Hammond on the sun deck, AJ says: "You're a very good-looking guy and you're lovely.

"Although you say you're nice - and don't get me wrong, you're nice! - sometimes the good ones are the dark horses."

Hugo, who is in a friendship couple with Sharon Gaffka, says: "You've got to keep some stuff back."

She replies: "You're keeping that stuff for the right person."

Hugo Hammond and AJ Bunker

The next day, AJ also speaks to new arrival Teddy Soares, who is coupled up with lettings agent Faye Winter, about their star signs.

She tells him: "I'm a big star sign person and I don't want to find out what yours is because I'll judge you!"

He tells her he is an Aries, which she says is her most compatible sign, as she is a Sagittarius and all her "best relationships have been with Aries men".

Speaking later in the Beach Hut, Teddy says: "It was interesting to have Faye in my mind because I haven't made things official with Faye.

Teddy Soares

"AJ is definitely someone I'd be looking to certainly speak to and get to know more about.

"There is a good old mystery and intrigue there, which is always enticing, isn't it?"

The series continues on Virgin Media One and ITV2.

Source: Press Association

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