Beverley Callard has revealed she will not step onto Coronation Street again, as she has "shut the door" on her character, Liz McDonald. 

The 63-year-old actress has played the soap stalwart on and off since 1989 and has now confirmed that her appearance in 2019 was the last time she will play Liz. 

Speaking to the Sunday Express magazine, Callard said: "It was a massive decision for me to make, but I believe I did it for the right reasons. I felt Liz had run her course. I'd hate to cheat any fans... I felt like she'd lost her way."

The star also said that she has told the show's bosses that they can kill off her character, as she won't be appearing on screens as Liz ever again. 

"Sadly, you can't decide your own storylines and since I'm not going to film an exit they could even kill me off-screen. If they do, I'll accept it with grace. I've thought long and hard about this and I know that this time I've shut the door forever."

Callard added: "I was actually toying with the idea of going back to film an exit, but I felt that they wouldn't be able to do Liz justice under the current Covid restrictions.' 

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