A bashful Neven Maguire shared his love of dance music and DJing when Ray D'Arcy playfully grilled him about his "dark nightclub past" on RTÉ Radio 1.

The host said he was amazed to see photos of the chef on the decks on social media - and had to get him on the show to find out more.

"I suppose in my earlier years, when I was training to be a chef, I just loved dance music, to be honest with you," Neven explained. "And for my 21st birthday, the actual pictures that you saw online were the pictures of the decks that Imelda [wife] sent away at Christmas and just got them revamped and got a new mixer."

"I'd a huge collection, like I couldn't believe how many records that I had, genuinely," Neven continued. "I've been collecting it, I'd say, for well over 15/20 years, you know? I started when I was about 16 and I kind of had a lot of fun.

"Now I've time, I kind of wanted to do it for the last year. I said, 'Oh, I'd love to get back and get the decks revamped'. So, Christmas Eve they were out there in the studio where I do my videos. I had to get a few of my family to give me a hand to bring down the records because they were all up in the attic. Oh my God, there was so many of them! A good 2,000 or thereabouts.

"It's all dance, it's not everyone's cup of tea. But for me, I just get lost in the music. I've always loved it, even when I'm driving around and going to a few shows, I'd be listening to dance music. It's always just kind of captured me."

Getting into the groove, Neven took listeners back to his early adventures on the wheels of steel.

"I was never very good at the mixing, but the music was just fantastic. I used to go up every two weeks, Ray, on a Monday or Tuesday when we were closed - go up to Dublin, up to Temple Bar to get some [records]. There was Power Music and then Abbey Discs in Dublin. I'd go up at 10 o'clock from Enniskillen on the bus - I couldn't drive then - and then I'd come back at seven o'clock and mix away. I used to make tapes and sell them in Dublin and in Enniskillen . Brings back a lot of good memories for me, because I used to work in Berlin and I used to work in Luxembourg. As a chef, obviously. So, I used to buy a lot of records.

"Now I have the time and I'm just enjoying it. I forget half the records, I'm not going to lie to you, and I still haven't gone through them all. I just really, really enjoy that, so I do. Full of energy and good fun - I love it." 

Neven also played sets.

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"I used to DJ on a Wednesday and a Saturday night in Enniskillen in a nightclub called Mirage. And, you see, the restaurant was quiet - we'd finish at about 11 o'clock, dad would run us into Enniskillen, bless him, and I'd play for the last hour for free. I never got paid - I got in free - and then got a taxi home. My best friends, they were chefs in the kitchens, they were identical twins, and we just fell in love with the music.

"It's always been a love of mine, to be honest with you. I don't have a name; I used to call myself DJ Neven, that was it."

"You're the first person I've actually kind of spoken to about it," he confided. "When I put it up on social media people went crazy and were saying, 'Oh, you have to do a Spotify list and do this'. It was just the love and enjoyment of music. And it's not everyone's cup of tea. I like all different types of music, but it's the dance music that just, just captivated me.

"I've a lot of drum'n'bass and hardcore that I don't like anymore. I've moved on, so it's more the trance, the uplifting house." 

When challenged to a "mix-off", Neven replied: "Listen, the only mixing I'll be doing is sourdough bread and maybe some wheaten bread!"