As the countdown for this Friday's Late Late Toy Show gets underway, we've raided our archives to bring you the day Ryan Tubridy faced the Ultimate Christmas Quiz - in the form of a Mastermind-style interrogation.

It's probably because he’s just a big kid himself but Mr Toybridy (geddit??!) has become Mr Christmas ever since he began hosting The Late Late Toy Show in 2009 but does Tubs know his Elf from his elbow?

The Late Late Toy Show on RTÉ One this Friday

Well, RTÉ Entertainment put him in the hot seat and under a spotlight to quiz him about all things Christmas - the books, the movies and the music that everyone loves about this time of the year.

Ten of the Toy Show's best moments 

Check out how Ryan fared in our Ultimate Christmas Quiz above. Cue the big black chair and scary music...

Alan Corr @CorrAlan2

The Late Late Toy Show is on RTÉ One this Friday and RTÉ Player on Friday at 9.35pm