Irish pop star LAOISE (pronounced Lee-sha) has released her new single, Healthy. We asked her the BIG questions . . .

Her brand of bubblegum dance pop has won her comparisons with Charlie XCX, Halsey and Robyn and she has already been 2FM named her as one of their 2FM Rising Acts in 2018.

Laoise was also nominated for the RTÉ Choice Music Prize for Song of the Year in 2019.

She wrote Healthy with her long-time collaborator Seán Behan and speaking about the new track, she says, "Healthy was written in lockdown one day when I finally felt like writing again. Seán had a simple instrumental idea and I started writing over it, got a topline and then we finished the lyrics and production together.

"It came together really quickly - probably the fastest we've ever finished a track together - well almost: we knew it needed something else. We were listening to a lot of Bruno Major, and of course with the Queen lyric reference, a guitar solo made so much sense.

"So, we asked Jake Curran (who's worked with Niall Horan, Julia Michaels) in, to do some stuff on it. Initially he sent over some ideas that he recorded remotely, and when restrictions were lifted, we were able to invite him in and rejig a few things."

Tell us three things about yourself?

I used to have a gap so big in my front teeth that I could wiggle a €2 coin between them, I'm scared of the dark and I drink five cups of tea a day minimum.

Describe your music?

I'd like to say fun with a lot of feelings, haha. I write and record all my music independently, so sometimes there are snippets of a laugh or the likes left in a track, but I’m also an over-thinker so the lyrics might juxtapose that, and I love it.

Who are your musical inspirations?

Stevie Nicks has always been a big inspiration of mine. I remember my Dad introducing me to Fleetwood Mac and telling me all the stories between each member - I became obsessed with storytelling and subtle nods in songs then. I taught myself the guitar because of Taylor Swift, even though I didn’t let anyone hear me play until two years afterwards! And I’ve always been fascinated by the way Kate Bush views the world and brings such theatrics into her music, especially the way she can make what is often a mundane moment melodramatic.

How have you been occupying yourself during the coronavirus lockdown?

I’ve started painting a little bit! Simple acrylic pictures with no agenda whatsoever - something I think is really good for me to do as a creative because I spend so much time perfecting my music, that it’s nice to sit down with a blank canvas and let my hand move wherever it wants. And now that The Great British Bake Off is back I’m baking a lot more. I’ve noticed the simple things in life are really the most important.

What’s your favourite song right now?

H.E.R. - Damage.

Favourite lyric of all time?

'So, I try to say goodbye, my friend/I’d like to leave you with something warm/But never have I been a blue calm sea/I have always been a storm’ - Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks (Storms).

If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life what would it be?

Talking Heads - This Must Be the Place.

Where can people find your music/information?

I’m everywhere. @laoisemusic. I also have a Patreon where I share unreleased demos, behind the scenes and give more of an insight to the process of being an artist.