There's more Lee Mack in Semi-Detached, Diane Morgan stars in Mandy, The Directors looks at Hollywood legend Preston Sturges, and there’s a fascinating peek Inside the Bruderhof . . .

Pick of the Day

Semi-Detached, 10.00pm, BBC Two

What happens if you mash together American real-time adventure show 24 and BBC sitcom Not Going Out?

The answer is this comedy, starring a moustachioed Lee Mack as hapless dad Stuart, that plays out over a chaotic 30 minutes of his life as he bumbles from one problem to another.

Last week's opener set up the stall, now here's hoping for some bigger laughs.

Tonight, Stuart is late for a DJ-ing gig. The trouble is he has lost his music and so he begins a desperate search for his MP3 device - only to stumble upon an angry daughter, a poorly cat and a dead body.

Don't Miss

The Damned United, 9.00pm, BBC Four

Michael Sheen is superb in the lead role in this drama (based on David Peace's novel The Damned Utd) chronicling Brian Clough's ill-fated 44-day tenure as boss of English football club Leeds United in 1974, after Don Revie's departure for the job of England's manager.

Following his acrimonious split from Derby County and a brief spell at Brighton & Hove Albion, Clough arrived at Elland Road on a wave of controversy, after previously being an outspoken critic of the club, and struggled to find allies among the playing staff.

Colm Meaney is also great as Don Revie.

The Directors, 9.00pm, Sky Arts & NOW TV

Perhaps overlooked today, the great Preston Sturges was one of the first figures in Hollywood to establish success as a screenwriter before moving into directing - two roles that had previously been entirely separate.

Known as a master of the screwball comedy, he was noted for his naturalistic scripts and more experimental narratives.

Despite a thirty-year career in film, Sturges’ biggest hits were made in a furious five-year burst of activity from 1939 to 1944, where he created The Great McGinty, The Lady Eve, Sullivan’s Travels and The Palm Beach Story.

Despite great commercial success with these comedies, the temperamental Sturges had a difficult relationship with studios.

New or Returning Shows

Mandy, 9.30pm, BBC Two

Comedy written, directed by and starring Diane Morgan, probably best known as Philomena Cunk on Charlie Brooker's Weekly Wipe. She also played Liz in Motherland.

Mandy Carter is a woman with big dreams - and today her dream is to find work. But the only thing available to her is a job in a fruit packing factory, where a big mallet will come in handy.

In the second episode, after entering the local line dancing endurance challenge Mandy finds herself up against an old rival.

Inside the Bruderhof, 10.45pm, BBC One

In one picturesque village in Sussex, life is very different.

There’s no crime, debt or homelessness, everyone has a job but no-one earns a wage, and none of the children watch television, use social media, play video games or have a mobile phone.

With unique access to this historically private community, this film enters the remarkable village of Darvell, where for almost 50 years an extraordinary radical Christian community, the Bruderhof, has lived outside mainstream society.

The film holds a mirror up to modern Britain, with its consumerist concerns, high crime and deprivation rates, and looks at this community's simple way of life, while also exploring the personal costs and sacrifices required to live there.

Here's the Bruderhof explaining themselves:

The DNA of Murder with Paul Holes, 9.00pm, Sky Crime & NOW TV

Best known as instrumental in identifying the suspect in the Golden State Killer case, Paul Holes is a scientist, a seasoned cold case investigator and a leading expert on unsolved murder cases.

This series follows him as he dives into cases of violent crimes and examines the physical and emotional 'DNA’ left behind with his unique forensic and behavioural skillset.

In the opening case, Paul is joined by Yolanda McClary as they investigate a double homicide that’s left a small town in Iowa spooked for nearly 40 years - the murder of Rose Burkert and Roger Atkison.

Inside Hotel Chocolat, 8.00pm, RTÉ2

This two-part documentary goes behind the scenes at one of Britain's biggest independent chocolate-makers to see how they make a million items of confectionery a day.

It also follows staff as they develop and pitch new chocolate creations, and learning how the company prepares for the most important events in the confectionary calendar.

Sid & Judy, 10.00pm, Sky Arts

Documentary exploring the life of singer and actress Judy Garland, with insight from her third husband Sid Luft helping to paint a picture of who she really was.

To Catch a Sex Offender: Crime & Punishment, 9.00pm, Channel 4

Today in Britain, there are more reports of rape than ever before, but conviction rates are at a record low.

The return of the Bafta-nominated documentary following the work of police, prosecution and other law professionals focuses on the challenges of investigating this complex and devastating crime.

The programme follows two cases as they move through the system, from the perspective of the police and the Crown Prosecution Service as well as the accounts of the alleged victims.

New to Download

Une fille facile, Netflix

In this French film a teenage girl is drawn to her cousin’s hedonistic lifestyle when they spend the summer together in Cannes as she learns about herself and her own values.

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