Singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran has revealed he has a "very addictive personality" and admits he used to binge on junk food and alcohol. 

The 29-year-old singer who is currently on a break from touring and social media credit his wife Cherry for helping him through some of his "darkest" moments. 

In a chat with an American self-help publisher Sheeran revealed that when he was reading Elton John's autobiography he could see similarities in their stories reports The Sun. 

Sheeran said: "He [Elton] would be like, 'I would just go on an ice cream binge and eat four f***ing desserts until I throw it up', and I was like, ‘I've done that before…'

"I'm covered in tattoos and I kind of don't do things by halves so if I'm gonna drink, I see no point in having a glass of wine. I'd rather have two bottles."

Sheeran explained that he doesn’t drink too often now and has overhauled his diet.

The singer added: "I think things like sugar, sweet stuff, junk food, cocaine, alcohol, it feels good the more you do, but it's the worst thing for you, I think.

"I think with addiction, it’s just very hard to moderate, but moderation is the key."