Sally is appalled when she finds out that Geoff hired escorts during his marriage to Yasmeen and is left to question whether she's really prepared to support Tim's twisted dad on Coronation Street.

The shocking news comes as Geoff finds it increasingly difficult to cover up the terrible way he has behaved over the past year.

Sally Dynevor, who plays Sally Metcalfe on the cobbles, said that it becomes increasingly difficult for her character living under the same roof as Geoff.

"As Geoff is still under the same roof, this is when Sally is finding out all these little details about him and having to go home and not say anything.

"After visiting Yasmeen in prison, she doesn't tell Tim she is going, or Geoff – and that comes out later on – but she’s doing this secretly because she wants to get all the facts before she takes sides really because it’s detrimental to her marriage," she said.

Dynevor said she thinks Sally "would be prepared to risk" her marriage to get to bottom of the situation, adding: "I think she would be prepared to risk it as, how could she live with someone who is not accepting of some of the issues that have been raised about Geoff?

"So, I think Sally would go far to defend Yasmeen because she is so upset about it and determined to help her at the detriment of her own relationship. She says to Ayla at one point, what about my relationship, but the more time goes on the more she is thinking I'm going to do everything I can for Yasmeen and Tim is going to have to come to the realisation that his father is an abuser," she said.

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