Claire Byrne recalls the early days of coronavirus when she too found herself unwell but was able to broadcast from home, despite the pressures, domestic and otherwise.

"Life has changed hugely for our family - as it has for everyone. We have had a strange time of it because for the first few weeks, I was unwell with coronavirus and the adjustment to being at home more came with dealing with this new illness.

"My timing wasn't great as my experience with Covid-19 coincided with the schools closing so I had very little energy to deal with three excited children who were happy to be home and wanted to capitalise on all of the extra free time that they had.

"But we got through it, and now we can enjoy a slower pace of life together. Work still goes on though, and it is challenging to continue working while the house is busy. There are lots of interrupted phone calls and research carried out in stages at opportune moments.

"I have presented some programmes from home and there has been a child’s nose or two pressed up against the window of the room I use during the News at One!

"In truth, it’s much easier for me to go into RTÉ to work, I’m sure most parents would agree that it’s really difficult to get anything done when you are at home with young children.

"This period of lock-down has also allowed us to take stock of how we live and for our family, we realise that we were operating at a pace that was too rushed, too frantic and much of it was pointless in truth.

"So when this time ends, we’ve resolved to cut back on all the extra bits that we don’t need to do and make more time for each other.

"My children are very happy to be at home and content to spend time playing outside or helping with little baking projects and making dinner or lunch. It has really surprised me how settled they are with just being at home and there is a lesson in that for me.

"I find that I don’t have any extra leisure time because the house is so busy now every day and there is always a wash to be done or something to be cleaned or someone who is hungry (again).

"Like most people in the country, we are hanging on every word in the news bulletins and RTE Radio One is on all the time.

"I’m enjoying getting out for walks within the two-kilometre limit and knowing that you are only allowed to do that makes you actually seize the opportunity and get out and do it.  

"I know we are all looking forward to getting back to normal and there are people whom we can’t see and really miss being with at the moment.

"I have huge sympathy for all the people who have lost their jobs and when I see my own Main Street with all of the shutters down, this really hits home. But the one positive is that there are lessons in this for us all too and the experience should lead us to think about how we live and what’s really important."

Claire Byrne Live is on RTÉ One, Mondays and Claire also presents News at One on RTÉ Radio One