Peris Costumes, the Spanish company which worked on the outfits for the award-winning series Chernobyl, has given its stock of face masks and other items to frontline workers battling the Covid-19 crisis. reports that Peris' bases in Madrid and Lisbon are also making new Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) which will be sent to hospitals, nursing homes, police stations and local government. Peris has also encouraged people who want to sew at home to make contact, and patterns and materials will be supplied to them.

"We are living in a nightmare in which reality overcomes fiction," the company's CEO, Javier Toledo, said on the firm's Instagram page. 

"Our thoughts go out to the families who have lost a loved one and to the ones who are going through an uncertain situation with their elderly or family members fighting this illness.

"That is why we are certain that we cannot stand by right now and that this is the time to help. As time goes by, needs are greater and they are inexplicably not being met as promptly as they should."

"This is just a drop in the ocean, but it has already helped a lot of people," Toledo continued. 

"Everyone at Peris Madrid and Peris Lisbon is playing their part so that this aid becomes a reality. We want our donation to be a humble contribution to this Dante-esque situation on behalf of the film industry, television and theatre as a whole."