The RTÉ Player original series Your One Nikita returns for a second season today, take a look at the first episode right here.

The short form comedy animation, which starts the voices of Aoife Dooley, Emmet Kirwan, Jen Hatton and Al Foran, continues to follow best mates Nikita and Tanya through a series of Dublin dramas and dilemmas.

In episode one, titled Tattoo Become One, the Huns' saga begins as the Leap Year on February 29 approaches.

Things get permanently real when Nikita finds out how far Tanya will go to be a bride of donor.

After they get busy with the fizzy in a bridal shop, Tanya convinces Nikita to get a tattoo.

They each pick each other's designs which ends in Anto getting a bigger proposition than expected!

Episode 1 of the second season of Your One Nikita is available on RTÉ Player now.