There's upset ahead for Paul on Fair City when he finds out his private life has gone public.

Coming up on Wednesday night's episode, Carol tells Cass and Hughie the truth about Paul's donation.

"Fiona's been scamming him for months, using Vino's to launder money, getting Barry to cover it up," she tells them. "It was Barry who donated the money in Paul's name, to test him."

Later, Paul is furious to find out many Carrigstown residents know about his personal business and accuses Carol of spreading gossip.

"I only said it to Cass and Hughie, I was trying to clear your name," Carol says in her defense.

"Well if you only said it to those two, how come half the town knows?" Paul fires back.

Also coming up, Erica is distraught to discover her wedding dress has been sold from the Helping Hand and Lee pockets an envelope of cash...

Fans can find out what happens next on Wednesday on RTÉ One at 8:00pm.

Fair City airs on RTÉ One on Sundays and Tuesdays to Thursdays.

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