The late Gay Byrne's predictions of what life would be like in 2020 have been revealed after a time capsule letter penned in 1995 was made public. 

Byrne forecast that climate change would see Ireland growing Mediterranean fruits and vegetables, while cars would be banned in Dublin city, and there would be more leisure time.

The late broadcaster reflected on what 2020 might look like in the letter, which was written for a time capsule project marking European Nature Conservation Year.

He predicted that by 2020 "I'll be dead or 86-years old and still presenting The Late Late Show".

25 years after their archival in that time capsule, the letters which Byrne and other luminaries wrote to the sixth class pupils of Loreto Primary School, Rathfarnham, Dublin have been re-opened.

Nobel laureate Seamus Heaney remarked on how proud he was that his line "hope and history rhyme" had been employed by Bill Clinton and Mary Robinson. He requested that these resonant words be included in the capsule.

Seamus Heaney