There's drama ahead on Fair City when a meeting between Barry and Rebecca takes a turn for the worse, and Jane has a surprising idea to spice up Bosco's film.

Coming up on Wednesday night's episode, Jane tells Bosco, Leo and Damien: "What I was thinking about is, I seduce Damien, Mairead goes crazy with jealousy."

"You seduce me?" Damien asks.

"Yeah a sex scene. Spice things up a bit," she shoots back.

"I mean, that could work," Damien agrees.

Meanwhile, Wayne suggests to Orla that she should call over to see Sash.

"Oh, give me a break Wayne," she angrily retorts, asking him: "What if I go over there, I'll bond with Olivia and want to steal her away?"

And Barry is left emotionally distraught after a meeting with Rebecca goes badly.

"You're evil, you are an evil man. What you did to my poor girl I gave up on God, but there is a devil and it's you and I hope you roast in hell," she furiously tells him.

Fans can find out what happens next on Wednesday on RTÉ One at 8:30pm.

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