Fair City's Will leaves Damien with plenty to think about on RTÉ One on Sunday night.

As the battle of wits continues, Damien pays Will a visit.

"You know, this could look like harassment," says Will.

"Yeah, yeah, I've no doubt you could pull that one off," replies Damien.

Damien then tells Will he is off the football team - and that both Laura and Dolores know that he is lying.

"Well, Mairéad knows that I'm not," counters Will.

"You know whatever you're planning, it's not going to work," warns Damien.  

"I'm not planning anything," says Will.

"No?" mocks Damien. "You want Mairéad back?"

"Well, I never lost her," says Will. "We'll always be in each other's lives."

"Not if she finds out about this," says Damien.

"Look, you're not right for her," says Will. "And you should be thanking me. I saved you a lot of heartache further down the road."

"Truth always comes out eventually," says Damien. 

"And that's exactly what's happened," answers Will. "Mairéad now knows what you are really like."

Damien is fuming as he leaves, with Will grinning ear to ear as he watches him go.

Fans can find out what happens next on Sunday on RTÉ One at 8:00pm.  

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