EastEnders' executive producer Jon Sen has promised fans a treat when new characters the Panesar brothers arrive in Walford this autumn.

Sen told Digital Spy that "loveable rogues" Kheerat (Jaz Deol), Jags (Amar Adatia) and Vinny (Shiv Jalota) will "turn up on the Square with a mission that will become apparent".

"EastEnders is a show that prides itself on diversity, representing modern London and modern Britain. We were really keen at finding a way of telling stories from the Sikh community," he continued.

"They arrive, these three siblings who are very different in and of themselves. One of them has a past fascination with one of our characters on the Square already. They arrive with a little bit of a bang."

Sen described the youngest of the brothers, Vinny, as having "the shortest fuse in history". 

"It could be eventually shorter than Phil's!" he laughed.

"They are wheeler dealers in a classic Punjabi style. They're great, they bring a completely different tone and flavour to the show."

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