Snoop Dogg has criticised the pay gap between male and female football players in the US following the women's team's recent World Cup victory.

The rapper took to Instagram to call out the gender pay inequality following a report that said the women's team made $90,000 per player in bonus money for reaching the quarterfinals, even though the men would have made $500,000 for the same stage.

In a candid video, Snoop said: "Food for thought. Shout out to the USA women's soccer team for their fourth World Cup, but what I want to talk about is they only get $90,00 per player, but if the men won it they get $500,000 per player."

He continued: "The sorry ass f****** men from the U.S. soccer team, they ain't ever won s***, ain't gonna ever win s***, can't get out the f****** first round.

"Man, pay them ladies. Pay them girls what they worth.

"The women should be getting $500 thousand per athlete. Snoop Dogg says so," he concluded.