From 'it is what it is' to 'muggy' and 'bev', Love Island has introduced us to some interesting lingo. We've rounded up some gas Irish slang that we reckon could be put to good use in the villa.

Are you thick with me?

Meaning: Are you annoyed or pis*ed off?

Example : Maura wanted to know if Curtis was 'thick with her' for saving Lucie and George and leaving him and Amy vulnerable.


Meaning: Dirty or disgusting.

Example: Eh, what's up with Molly-Mae's stuffed bear Ellie-Belly? It looks manky.


Meaning: Funny or entertaining.

Example: How gas was it when Tommy made Maura a heart shaped sandwich out of ketchup and mayonnaise?

Suckin' diesel (Now you’re) 

Meaning: Bingo! Now you're doing well!

Example: After being pied off by four of the Islanders, Anton was finally suckin' diesel when Belle snogged the Scottish stud.


Meaning: A fool or idiot.

Example: Tom acted like an absolute gobsh*te when he told the lads he wanted to find out if Maura was "all mouth".


Meaning: Babe, hunk, sexy.

Example: Danny was such a ride up until he messed Yewande about.


Meaning: House or place you live.

Example: Did you see Casa Amor is up for sale for €2.5 million? If we won the Lotto we'd totally buy that gaff!


Meaning: Mortified or embarrassed.

Example: Absolutely scarlet for Anton when he said his mum shaves his bum. Like who admits that?


Meaning: Drunk, legless, pie-eyed.

Example: Do you reckon Curtis was mouldy when he agreed to be Amy's half boyfriend?

Acting the Maggot 

Meaning: Messing around or playing the fool.

Example: Michael was acting the maggot when he mugged Amber off just so he could crack on with Joanna. What was he thinking?


Meaning: Broken.

Example: Molly Mae's eyeliner was banjaxed after Curtis and Tommy used it to write her a love note.


Meaning: Someone who takes a risk; an opportunist.

Example: Did you hear Elma lied about her age to get on the show? What a chancer!

Cute hoor 

Meaning: A person who sneakily works situations to their own advantage or a game player.

Example: If Anna's love triangle with Ovie and Jordan turned out to be a ploy to keep her in the show, she could be called a cute hoor! As could any of the Islanders who are game playing.

How's she cuttin’?  

Meaning: How's it going? Any scandalous news? Give me the deets now!

Example: When a couple goes off to have a quiet chat by the fire pit or on the balcony other Islanders will want to know the juicy deets. Using these three little words is a polite way to get all the goss without sounding like a complete nosey parker.

Jo Maxi

Meaning: Taxi or cab.

Example: What happens when the contestants leave the villa? Do they just hop in a Jo Maxi and head back to the airport?

The show continues on Virgin Media Two and ITV2 at 9:00pm weeknights.

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