Tensions erupt between Hughie and Pete in the aftermath of Jackie going missing. Take a sneak peek at the drama coming up on Fair City here.

Coming up in Tuesday night's episode, Pete angrily confronts Hughie.

"You're the one person that could hurt her enough to make her run", he says.

"Whatever you say", a resigned Hughie responds.

"It's only a few months ago since you dragged up her breakdown and used it against her", Pete continues.

"And you used all that to try and jump into bed with her", Hughie accuses him.

"I didn't", Pete counters. "Do you know what, I could have. And you know that and it really kills you. And you've probably been taking it out on her. Well I'm glad she's gone because she's well enough away from you."

As Hughie squares up to Pete, Doug interrupts them saying: "Ma texted me."

Fans can find out what happens next on Tuesday on RTÉ One at 8.00pm.

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