Ariana Grande has said she is keeping her tour dates closer to home to help with her mental health.

The popstar has just announced new US tour dates, including four back-to-back Florida shows, but did not include any concerts in Europe.

When questioned about this decision on Twitter, she wrote: "The truth is: european leg is going to be a big step.

"I'm really excited about it and grateful to do it! 'But since you're asking, this is simply the best i'm capable of at this time and keeping me closer to home for a majority of the dates is what's best for my health rn. love u! (sic)''

She replied to another fan: "i'm very excited about them tbh. doing the best i can do for right now and so grateful for my health and for this chapter and for my fans for supporting and understanding the pace i'm moving at. soooo grateful for u. thank u. (sic)''

The 25-year-old hitmaker admitted that she is still "playing it by ear" when it comes to touring.

She wrote: "As of right now, this is it. But i'm kind of excitedly playing it by ear and seeing how it goes you know? being 100% transparent.

"I'm like so enjoying it right now, but baby steps. who knew we'd end up doing 9 months of shows. it's been a blessing for sure. (sic)"

When another fan apologised for the way she expressed herself and said Grande's "health should come first always", the popstar replied: "i understand i love you. i am getting better n feeling grateful.

"finding a balance between self preservation and doing what i love. so thank you for supporting that. and also for wanting more of me. i'll never take that for granted. (sic)"

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