There's drama ahead on Fair City when Sharon goes to war with Carol for accusing Anto of theft.

However, it seems like this could backfire for the Collins family...

Coming up in Thursday night's episode, Sharon approaches Paul and Carol and says: "He's telling anyone who will listen that you caught Anto red-handed. That is a lie."

Carol shoots back: "Well then it's Paul that you need to have a go at, not me."

"He's laughing at you as well," Sharon claims.

Carol doesn't want to hear it, responding, "I have said everything I need to - now can you go please?"

Sharon refuses to leave, saying: "Not until you apologise to Anto."

"Forget it, we're going home," Anto pleads.

"No. We are good people," Sharon continues. "We shouldn't be begging someone with your history to stop slandering us."

"Getting personal now, are you?" Carol icily responds.

Sensing danger, Anto states: "Look, she didn't mean it. We're going, come on."

Sharon won't be deterred, spitting out: "I meant every word. There's no one around with a grubbier past than you."

Has Sharon made a mistake making an enemy of Carol?

Fans can find out what happens next in Fair City on RTÉ One on Thursday at 8:00pm.

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