Ed Sheeran reportedly earned more than £106,000 (€116,865) per day last year, outpacing most Premier League football stars, as reported by Mail Online.

The singer processes his income from live performance through Nathan Cable Touring which has disclosed that he amassed £38.8 million (€42.7m) in the past year.

For his writing, recording and production of music he owns another firm, Ed Sheeran Ltd, which pays him an additional £75,000 (€82.6) per day.

Last month, the charismatic performer turned up unannounced on stage at a Norwich (UK) campus Q&A event for a group of college students attending Access Creative College. The singer appeared as a "secret speaker" and advised attendees on the music business.

"You have to write 100 songs to create a good one, you have to write 1,000 songs to create a great one," he explained.

Sheeran also admitted that he would be a "songwriter or session guy" if he was not touring the world with his own music.