Singer Ed Sheeran has said that his next album will not be released before 2020 due to his packed schedule.

The 27-year-old singer-songwriter is currently on his Divide tour until September 2019 but intends to take a break between albums.

Sheeran, who has family roots in Wexford, told Jo Whiley on BBC Radio 2, "I've got things coming out, I don't know if they're albums. But I've got things coming out. The next 'album album' won't be for a while.

"After this, September is the end of tour next year, then I'm going to do another blackout and go away for a year. It worked last time for both me and the public, I think it's good to have a little break.

"The next album, no earlier than 2020. Late 2020."

Sheeran also got candid about mental health challenges, saying how it "affects everyone" and he also disclosed that he does not "really go outside a lot now".

Discussing anxiety the songwriter said: "Mine kind of come and go. I don't think I was born with it, I think the anxiousness come out of... I don't really go outside a lot now.

"I often feel like I'm not one to talk about it because it's not something I was born with, it's something that's developing."

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