There’s nothing like a spot of hill walking between mega-selling and mega-rich pop superstars and it seems besties Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran can’t get enough of yomping around in the mountains.  

The pair recently took up a hike up a hill together and Taylor gave Ed a bit of a ribbing about his ability - or lack of - to keep up with her.

In a video posted on Instagram, she teases him as he struggles behind her and says: "It’s called exercise, you ever done cardio? Strumming your guitar doesn’t count."

"You okay, bro?" Ed replies as any normal right thinking pop star would by laughing and giving her a one-fingered salute.

In a later, more relaxed clip, the pair react to the recently announced nominations for the American Music Awards in which Sheeran and Swift are pitted against each other in two categories - Artist of the Year and Best Pop/Rock Album for their respective albums, ÷ and Reputation.

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