A furious Robbie threatens to kills Oisin on Fair City - take a look at this exclusive sneak peek of the next episode from Carrigstown here.

Robbie approaches Oisin at the cafe and grabs him by the shoulders, saying: "What were you doing at Karen's?"

"What's that got to do with you?", Oisin counters, before Robbie asks him "Did you touch her?"

Oisin denies touching Karen saying "one minute we were talking and the next she completely freaked out".

When Robbie asks why Karen would react like that, Oisin responds: "Because she's psycho?"

This fires up Robbie even more, who says "I'm not finished with you yet".

"Look can we speed this up? I've places to be", Oisin says petulantly.

Robbie leans into him and says menacingly: "I'm telling you now Oisin, you go near her again and I will kill you."

Fair City continues at 8pm on Tuesday on RTE One.

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