Tori puts Ash on the spot about his dealings with Kat and Ziggy gives Olivia an ultimatum - take a look at this exclusive sneak peek from the next episode of Home and Away here.

Ash turns up to talk to Tori but Justin blocks his way, saying: "Leave it." An exasperated Ash responds: "Are you kidding?"

When Ash eventually gets to chat to Tori he tells her: "There's some stuff going on that we can't tell you about."

Tori isn't happy with his evasiveness, asking: "Is it about Robbo?" But Ash refuses to confide in her.

A furious Justin later tells Ash: "You have dragged her through hell, and now you're gonna put her back in danger?"

Also in the episode, Olivia divulges her infidelity to Ziggy, who gives her an ultimatum, saying threateningly: "Hunter is going to propose, so if you don't tell him the truth, I will."

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