Coronation Street star Qasim Akhtar has spoken about his character Zeedan's shock at learning that his wife Rana (Bhavna Limbachia) has feelings for someone else.

The moment of truth comes as Zeedan and Rana come home from Luke's funeral, with emotions running high for each of them.

"Zeedan walks in and Rana is sat down, crying her eyes out on the sofa. Zeedan assumes it’s to do with Luke so he sits down to comfort her, telling her that they can all cry and be sad together," Akhtar said.

"But Rana starts to talk about how much of a bad person she is, and he starts to say, 'What are you talking about? What’s wrong?' She tells him that she is in love with somebody else."

Despite admitting to having feelings for someone else, Rana doesn't tell him that it is Kate, so Zeedan jumps to his own conclusions and decides that it must be Robert when he finds a post-it note from the Bistro in her coat pocket.

Akhtar added, "He has no suspicions that it is a woman. It would be another blow to the chest and it would make things ten times worse!"

As his emotional turmoil develops, Zeedan turns to alcohol, even though he is not a drinker for religious reasons, a move Akhtar says happens as a result of him feeling "like he has done the right thing his whole life and nothing seems to be working out for him so he decides to see what it is all about."

Rana and Kate

"He’s been through so much in his life that some people could say that this will push him over the edge but the type of person that he is this also could make him stronger," he said.

On dealing with such a big storyline, Akhtar said he was "excited" to sink his teeth into it.

"I was excited. It’s always good to get your teeth in to a big storyline and I have really enjoyed filming these scenes. The emotional scenes were tough because, to get myself in to that emotional state, I had to really put my thought into that and imagine that I was in that position to really get the full emotion out of it. It was a good test of experience to be able to play that field, I’ve never done something like that before," he said.

Coronation Street continues on TV3 and ITV on Wednesday at 8.30pm.

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