Musician Paul McCartney stipulated that there be no meat products backstage at his Auckland show on Saturday night.

Fans were nevertheless still able to buy hotdogs and meat pies at his concert which took place at Mt Smart Stadium.

McCartney, who is now 75, demanded that there not to be any fur or leather in his dressing room, and nothing with animal print or animal fur, either real or fake. The avowed vegetarian of many decades travels in limousines that have no leather seats.

Vegetarian options were prominent at the food hall in Mt Smart, with vegetable pies, burgers and nachos, kimchi burritos, spinach and feta rolls, trays of steamed mixed vegetable and even a vegetarian sausage on sale.

McCartney has been playing two-and-a-half hour sets on his One on One World tour of Australia and new Zealand, typically playing over 30 songs, many of which come from The Beatles back catalogue, songs like Michelle, Eleanor Rigby, Helter Skelter, Blackbird, Let It Be, and Hey Jude.