EastEnders is set to air an explosive showdown between Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) and his wife Linda (Kellie Bright) after he admits to cheating on her.

In scenes that are set to air later this month, Mick will confess to Linda that he shared a kiss with daughter-in-law Whitney (Shona McGarty) when she was away.

Mick admits the truth about kissing Whitney to Linda

The couple have a massive argument which is overheard by Whitney from her bedroom. 

The entire episode will focus on the three characters as they face the aftermath of Mick's admission. The fury and the heartbreak caused by the illicit kiss will leave viewers wondering if this is the end for the soap couple who have been together since they were teenagers.

Whitney overhears Mick and Linda having a blowout argument

Although Mick has a lot to answer for, Linda also has a secret to hide. She has been telling everyone she's been taking care of her mum Elaine who suffered a stroke at Christmas, but it's since been revealed that Elaine is back to full health. What has Linda been up to?

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