As part of our series of St Patrick's week articles throwing a spotlight on the world of Irish entertainment, behold the most jaw-dropping moments ever to appear on Irish telly.

Yes, for your delectation, we've raked over the coals of some of the most cringiest TV events that left us either laughing, crying or hailing the next shuttle to Mars.

Teresa Mannion causes an internet storm
If you thought the force of storm Desmond was spectacular, it was nothing to Teresa Mannion's impassioned weather report on the Six One News that evening as she valiantly battled the elements from the Salthill Prom and shouted her way about "UNNECESSARY JOURNEYS" into the nation's affections. 

The most viral of viral clips ensued as did the obligatory memes, pastiches, t-shirts and of course a dance remix, while Teresa's fame spread around the planet faster than global warming.

Pat Kenny goes completely ape on the Late Late
It is an undeniable fact that every man, woman and child in the country would sell their granny into white slavery for a chance to be part of The Late Late Toy Show audience. (To be fair there's loads and loads of free swag).

So you can imagine the indignation when a (rather posh) competition winner couldn't give a fig when offered the golden tickets. Cue an incandescent Pat Kenny who tore up said tickets live on air. Never had anything of the likes ever been seen on Irish television.

Political Night of the Living Dead
This is probably the most Irish thing ever seen on television. Following Brian Cowen's leader's address to the Fianna Fáil  Árd Fheis in 2009, RTÉ's political correspondent David Davin Power found himself flanked by a posse of zombies party faithful as he addressed a baffled nation on the news afterwards.

Unsure whether the suited apparatchiks were going to eat him, Davin Power, soldiered on with his live report as the gaggle of goms listened and swayed with malevolent intent. For added entertainment, keep an eye on the bearded lad over David's left shoulder.

Nadine Coyle spoofs like a trooper
Before she was one-fifth of Girls Aloud, Derry lass Nadine Coyle was all too briefly a member of Irish reality show construct, Six, before a wee white lie about her age became her undoing.

Failing to remember the old adage that 'if you're going to lie, then at least make it believable', Nadine forgot her script and promptly gave a date of birth on camera which would have made her just sixteen years of age instead of the required eighteen. Cue some very bad lying, po-faced narration, a shocked Linda Martin and a lucky escape for the young 'un from Derry.

Something something 'frostbit'
Staying North of the border, we're back in Co. Derry for another clip that proves Irish people are either mad craic or just gormless simpletons whenever there's a TV camera around (see every Late Late Show audience ever for proof). 

Two years ago young Ruairí McSorley was interviewed on UTV Live and held forth on the perishing conditions - and thanks to advances in subtitling - this 85-year-old in the body of a teenager aka 'Frostbit Boy' became an instant internet star with the by now-obligatory visit to the Ellen sofa while the rest of us hid behind ours.

Ron Burgundy for ya Aengus!
Known for his on-air poise and elegance (he's holding a gun to my head as I write this), newsreader Aengus MacGriana was caught off guard in the most delightful way before a bulletin. As he dabbed on the last bit of foundation and tidied himself up before addressing the nation, the slow, dawning realisation that he was already live on air was followed by a startled "WHAT?".

Before you could shout "get me onto a reality show", the moment went global with everyone from Jimmy Kimmel to CNN's Anderson Cooper giving young Aengus a shout out, while the rest of us broke the replay button on our collective devices.

Man falls on ice
Not to be confused with 'Man steps on rake', this RTÉ News moment is of similar highbrow sophistication. In a prime example of right time, right place this poor unfortunate divil was captured taking an almighty tumble during the big freeze of 2010.

We still don't know the identity of the unlucky pedestrian, despite numerous shout outs on social media and having collectively watched the incident over and over and over again.

No, no, no, no, no, no, NO!
This has to be one of the cringiest TV proposals that has ever taken place. EVER. In 2013 New Orleans Rose, Molly Molloy Gamble,  was utterly stunned when her boyfriend Kyle Catlett got down on one knee and popped the big question in The Dome in Tralee before a transfixed and somewhat perplexed live television audience.

Shaking from head to toe the poor girl told him “no” ELEVEN times, before she told him to get up off the floor and stop making a show of her. She did of course eventually say yes, and they lived happily ever after. Thank god.

Spuds and shteak boy
They are now such household names, that it's hard to believe that the O'Donovan brothers only seared the national consciousness a relatively short time ago following their hilariously dead-pan interviews from Rio. 

A pair of media stars were born as they turned the West Cork charm up to eleven and you can hear reporter Joe Stack desperately interjecting with "But seriously" to no avail as the lads rattled through the delights of 'shteak' for breakfast and gave the world, and countless t-shirts, the slogan 'Pull Like A Dog'.

John O'Driscoll