Oh dear... The Trump team have really outdone themselves with the #AlternativeFacts this time.

Just in time for St Patrick's Day next week, the Trump team have decided to cash in on our national holiday by selling some green hats(Grand) emblazoned with 'Make America Great Again' (Erm...) and that universal symbol of Ireland - a four leafed clover (Facepalm).

Yes instead of a traditional shamrock, they have tacked on a clover to the back of the baseball cap (yours for just $50!!). We're all familiar with the concept of having one too many on Patrick's Day but this is ridiculous.

Naturally the internet, being the internet, is having a field day. And as luck would have it -- or luck of the Irish if you will -- there's even a shamrock emoji.

Still you've got to hand it to one enterprising company, who've already capitalised on the outlandish boo-boo by producing these nifty garments.