Journalist Amanda Brunker has laughed off criticism after undergoing botox treatment on Friday's Late Late Show by posting a picture of herself on social media with a comically distorted face.

Wrath, wit and what the... were very much in evidence on social media on Friday night with some calling on the Late Late to devote screen time to more worthy issues and others seeing the funny side of the lengthy item. Along with Brunker having botox injections, beauty blogger AJ Fitzsimons also had a lip-fill procedure on the show.

Before undergoing her treatment, Brunker said she could not "understand why people think it's a controversial thing because an awful lot of people are getting it done these days". 

"And I'm just a little more obvious than most people," she said. 

As for her critics, Brunker said: "The way I see it, people give me grief on Twitter - and that's fine - about that there should be someone a bit more important sitting on the couch and I get that. There are people who think there should be someone on talking about mental health yet they go on Twitter and bully me, going 'It's disgusting' and this, that and the other...

"Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I am simply here to show you guys what happens. Most people are too embarrassed to show you what goes on or to tell you what goes on, unless you turn on an American TV show and it's all very garish."

After all the build-up, the procedure itself - which saw Brunker receiving injections to her forehead later in the show - proved to be an anti-climax - the difference in her appearance will take a number of days to notice.

"You're going to have to have me back next week!" she laughed.

When asked by host Ryan Tubridy if she would feel the difference, Brunker replied: "For somebody like me, I feel more refreshed. I saw some people on Twitter there saying I have some psychological issues. I have many problems but psychological issues are not one of them... Most people have been quite nice, which is great." 

Here are just a few of the reactions:

One Late Late guest who was allowed to have a long face on Friday night was harpist Lisa Canny, whose performance to promote Temple Bar Tradfest was pulled as the show went over time. 

"We apologise to her and her family," said Tubridy. "Don't worry, we'll bring her back as soon as we can and we'll do it all properly next time. Just wanted to say a quick note to her - we appreciate her patience on that front."