Rupert Everett has opened up about his distaste for award ceremonies, saying it is due to being "bitter" about losing out on an Olivier Award two years ago.

The actor was nominated for the best actor gong for his role as Oscar Wilde in the play The Judas Kiss, but lost out to Luke Treadaway, who starred in The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time.

Everett told the Daily Mail's Weekend magazine about the experience: "Oh God, I was bitter about that. I think awards are the most hideous things and I've decided never to go to another awards ceremony. Losing and staying at home is one thing but losing and showing up is quite another.

"I went to the Oliviers when I was nominated. I was watching the presenter and I really thought he was forming an 'R' when he named the winner. I was literally getting up off my seat and then the 'R' turned into an 'L'. I had to kind of freeze myself into a rictus of joy. For 10 minutes I clapped and clapped."

Everett will next be seen in the film A Royal Night Out.