A heart warming Christmas caper that belongs to Jim Broadbent as a bumbling but wise Santa who finds himself behind bars after he crashlands in London on Christmas Eve.

Essentially a modern riff on Miracle on 34th StreetGet Santa marries Brit flick crime drama with tinselly family comedy. There's a great performance from Jim Broadbent as a bumbling but wise Santa and the fun cast play it for laughs and warm, mushy moments. 

Father and son, former con Steve and cute as a button Tom, have to team up to save Christmas when they discover Santa Claus sleeping in their garage after he crashes his sleigh and finds himself on the lam from the law.

His reindeer are running wild across the city, kid's letters are going unanswered, and cynical coppers want to bang him up because this bloke with the big beard and the out-sized romper suit is clearly a loo-la, right?

We're all set for a race-against-time caper as father and son scramble about, rustling errant reindeer, kick-starting Santa's sleigh, and trying to spring St Nick from the nick so he can make his all-important deliveries.

It's magical and charming stuff and Rafe Spall eases out his inner Martin Freeman as mild-mannered minor crook Steve, who is trying to go straight and bond with his son after serving a two-year spell inside.    

Broadbent steals the show as the big red one - he dispenses the wisdom of the ages one minute and then turns into a prat-falling clown the next. An Oscar fashioned from a lump of coal goes to Joanna Scanlan as a Grinch of a parole officer who's determined to catch Steve out and put him away again.

It sags like an overstuffed sack in places and while Get Santa is not at all naughty, it is very nice.  

Alan Corr