Last week we learned that former Girls Aloud star Nadine Coyle was psychic but that's nothing - sure, Harry Styles is a mermaid. That's mermaid, not, as Derek Zoolander insisted, mer-man. 

The 20-year-old One Directioner who everyone seems to like the most, recently got a tattoo of the fabled sea creature on his forearm and he says he had the tat done because he is himself, a mermaid.

"My newest tattoo is of a mermaid." he explained to HollywoodLife and when asked about the inspiration behind the inking, he replied: "I am a mermaid,"

Harry also has a large butterfly tattooed on his chest, a ship on his left arm and a padlock tattoo on his left wrist which was done by Ed Sheeran.

We await further celebrity revelations about mythical creatures. Is Taylor Swift actually a unicorn? Is part-time tattooist Ed really The Gruffalo? 

Stay tuned for important updates!