Do you read George R.R. Martin's books to find out spoilers on what's going to happen next in the TV adaptation of Game of Thrones? If so, you're in for a shock. You won't believe what Liam Cunningham told us . . . 

Speaking to RTÉ TEN, Cunningham, who plays Ser Davos Seaworth in the popular show, revealed that fans are in for a surprise.

He said, "R.R Martin is just halfway through the sixth book at the minute, and we're on season five. So what's going to happen is, we're about to overtake the books. Everybody that was going 'yeah, I know what happens, I know what happens,' they're not going to know what happens any more.

"So for the rest of the possible two seasons that are left, everything is going to be a surprise to everybody, which is kind of cool."

Roll on season five!