There's nothing better than hearing stories about upcoming talent flying the flag for Ireland Stateside, and it sounds like it won't be long until we see Dingle-native Charlotte Peters' name in lights.

The model and actress is currently preparing for a leading role in The Winter's Dreams, which is co-written by Blue Valentine's Joey Curtis.

Speaking to RTÉ TEN, 27-year-old Charlotte admitted that she's more "excited" than "nervous" about living the L.A. dream.

"I don't think that I'm nervous about it. I'm excited and I think it's just a case of focusing into the zone and being very concentrated and getting into work mode," she said.

When asked about her character in the Hollywood movie, Charlotte remained tight-lipped, but she did reveal that her role is "very physically demanding."

She added: "I'm not sure I should say too much about it. The physical preparation is going to be interesting. I'll be working with my personal trainer, who is actually the 2013 body-building champ in the UK, and he is really, really hard on me.

"At the moment I'm actually sitting in a beautiful little cafe in Ibiza on a yoga retreat. I'm on a macrobiotic diet, which means that you're just cutting out all of the sugars and rubbish. The role is going to be very physically demanding and I'm going to have to transform from a model-type body shape to something that is a lot bigger and stronger."

She continued: "As with the name of the film, A Winter's Dream, it's going to have a wintry theme. All I can tell you is that it will be set in the future and it's going to be a very interesting and challenging role."

We can't wait to see Charlotte in action. Watch this space!