With the jailed Stacey Branning back in EastEnders next week, actress Lacey Turner has promised fans that they are set to see "bad things happen".

Warning: spoiler alert!

In a BBC interview, Turner was asked how her character will react to mother Jean's (Gillian Wright) idea to get her out of prison.

She replied: "Stacey doesn't take it so well at first. She wants to serve her time and that is something she really wants to do to - then be able to start her new life afterwards.

"She feels she can't start again until she has paid for what she has done, but slowly as things happen - as bad things happen - she decides that maybe it's not the wisest thing to stay in there and if she has an opportunity to get out, she should take it."

As to the length of time Stacey would be behind bars, Turner cryptically added: "Stacey is in prison at the moment, but not for long!"

Fans can watch the storyline unfold throughout next week's episodes on BBC One and RTÉ One.