HBO have confirmed a group of nine new stars will join their hit drama Game of Thrones for its upcoming fifth season including Bond villain Jonathan Pryce.

The castings were confirmed at San Diego Comic-Con during the Game of Thrones panel discussion with Tomorrow Never Dies villain Jonathan Pryce leading the casting.

Pryce will take on the role of High Sparrow in the fifth season, a religious man that will gain followers amongst the poor and oppressed in King's Landing.

The role of Myrcella Baratheon, Cersei's only daughter, has been re-cast with Nell Tiger Free taking on the role. Myrcella is expected to see herself in danger in Dorne following the events of season four.

Much of the action will take place in Dorne this season with 24 star Alexander Siddig cast to play Doran Martell, older brother to Oberyn, while Rosabell Laurenti Sellers and Toby Sebastian will also portray members of the Martell family. DeObia Oparei will play a trusted guard of Doran and Enzo Cilenti will play a notorious slave trader.

Game of Thrones will return in 2015.