EastEnders fans are set to see just how low Aunt Babe is willing to go to stay one step ahead, with actress Annette Badland also promising that fans are set for some huge shocks at Christmas.

Warning: spoiler alert!

RadioTimes.com reports that next week on BBC One and RTÉ One, Babe will threaten to expose Shirley's (Linda Henry) secret that she is Mick's (Danny Dyer) mother and not his sister.

Her threat follows Shirley's discovery of a drug deal Aunt Babe is doing with Dean (Matt Di Angelo).

Asked if Babe would actually reveal Shirley's secret, actress Badland replied: "Sadly, yes. I think she is that ruthless. She loves Shirley, but she also needs to protect herself."

She continued: "It's terribly complex because she does, of course, love Shirley. She really does love those three children and she brought them up. But, you know, like every human being there's a whole complex scenario going on there."

When asked if Babe has a secret agenda, Badland replied: "Everyone has a dark side and there are still things that you don't know about her. You just wait until Christmas."