Markéta Irglová, the Czech singer who stole the nation's heart in Once with Glen Hansard, has released the video for This Right Here, the first single from her upcoming second solo album, MUNA. Watch it here.

MUNA, which means to remember in Icelandic, is released on September 19 on Anti/Plateau, the same label The Frames and Hansard are signed to, and features 11 songs written over the course of a year and recorded in several sessions over six months.  

Irglova, who now lives in the USA, starred alongside Hansard in John Carney's no-budget 2006 film Once in which they played two struggling Dublin buskers who fall in love. The film won an Oscar and the pair also appeared in follow-up documentary, The Swell Seasonwhich revealed the true-life love story behind Once.  

27 musicians and vocalists participated in the performance of MUNA, among them Rob Bochnik from the Swell Season and The Frames, an Iranian daf player, vocalist Aida Shahghasemi and Shazhad Ismaily, Una Sveinbjarnardøttir and Zuzana Irglova.  

The full track-listing is Point of Creation, Time Immemorial, The Leading Bird, Fortune Teller, Without a Map, Remember Who You Are, Mary, Phoenix, Seasons Change, Gabriel, This Right Here.

Irglová will play Irish gigs around the album release.