Ever wonder how the likes of Kate Moss has the ability to make putting an outfit together look extremely effortless yet chic? TEN had a chat with some of Dublin's top fashion experts to find out how to get the model look.

Laidback, simple and natural have always been the go-to look for models, but despite the no-fuss look, it's usually quite hard to achieve it yourself. 

Trish Fallon, Director of First Options, one of the biggest modelling agencies in Ireland, believes less is always more and maintains simple pieces are essential in creating a timeless wardrobe. 

"We would advise a girl coming to a casting to wear something tight-fitting to her body - a pair of high-waisted skinny jeans, black vest and a pair of high shoes are crucial to any model's wardrobe.

"It's crucial they have almost like a capsule wardrobe, that they can change up."

Personal stylist at Topshop's Dublin flagship store, Sinead Keary, sees Kate Moss' style as the ideal fashion inspiration. "It's about the girl who wears the clothes but it's very important to pick your pieces to make sure they look really premium.

"Kate Moss knows how to do it in her own way without looking like she's trying too hard yet she still adds something different every season."

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